Monday, September 27, 2010


Many groups are speaking of energy shortage in the United Kingdom with their resolution to go absolutely eco friendly with time.. On one hand people’s demand for energy consumption is as it is on an all time high. At the same time so is the demand to keep track on the carbon emissions.

So much so that a number of nuclear power stations are going to come to a halt as far as their workings is concerned. A number of coal fired power stations are also to be shut down in the coming few years. This means a solid reduction in the production of electricity.

This shutting down of the above mentioned power stations is again in order to keep the pollution level under check. So much so, energy minister Chris Huhne and others likeminded have seriously taken the matters into their own hands. This is in order to see a much cleaner and greener surrounding in the coming years.

United Kingdom post the Climate Change Act in 2008 has become very serious with its carbon emissions and is actively participating in a number of campaigns. It plans to cut down on its emissions by 80% by 2050. However in the short run as of now this has created a lot of uncertainty in the minds of the investors.

Even Chris Huhne stated England would be importing far greater amount of energy from outside. But in the long run, this resolution will definitely see the absolute closing down of nuclear power stations as far as energy production is concerned. These will be replaced by the much more efficient and less pollutant gas plants. Though setting up of the plants take a long period of time no less than 30 years. But the United Kingdom, this time seems absolutely resolved.

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